2007 toyota Highlander for Sale

2007 Toyota Highlander For Sale: A redesigned Highlander arrives this summer. It will certainly include the powerful and also affordable 3.5-liter V6 shown to various other Toyota models. The third-row seat was designed in from the outset this time around, as well as ought to give even more space. The previous-generation was powered by a smooth 3.3-liter V6 that returned 19 mpg on the whole in our tests, while the Crossbreed got 22. It was quiet as well as polished, with a comfortable ride, user friendly controls, and great fit and also coating. Gain access to is very easy as well as the rear seat is extremely spacious, but the optional third-row seat is for children just. Handling is audio as well as protected, though it is not particularly agile.

2007 Toyota Highlander For Sale

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This variation of the Toyota Highlander Hybrid was our top-rated midsized SUV and also one of the only cars in its class to gain an exceptional total score in our examinations. It is an example of the then-new wave of hybrid automobiles utilizing gas/electric powertrains to increase engine efficiency as well as fuel economy. The result was considerably quicker acceleration, coupled with cleaner exhausts and a moderate boost in fuel economy when compared to their standard variations. Highlander Hybrid's 22-mpg was amongst the best we would certainly seen in a midsized SUV as much as that point. Overall, the Highlander Hybrid provides an inviting blend of performance, fuel economic climate, comfort, and also features, however it comes at a higher cost.


Integrity indicates just how versions have actually performed in the past, offering the basis for anticipating how the automobiles will certainly hold up in the year ahead. These charts supply one of the most detailed reliability information offered to customers. Based on information received from our newest customer survey, our integrity background charts offer you a run-through on just how previously owned cars are holding up in 17 possible trouble spots, ranging from the engine, transmission, and brakes to power tools and also the electrical system.