Toyota Tundra 2008 for Sale

Toyota Tundra 2008 For Sale: When Toyota first announced it was releaseding a full-size pickup truck to go visit going with the huge kids from Ford, Chevy, as well as Dodge, the inquiry emerged about whether an import might truly contend as a heavyweight. The response is in: The new Toyota Tundra is now ready to tackle any kind of American-made pickup truck-- on all levels.

Toyota Tundra 2008 For Sale

Prevalence? Toyota is drawing no punches by presenting among the largest, greatest, and the majority of qualified cars in the section, as well as investing billions in a brand-new cutting edge factory in the heart of truck country-San Antonio, Texas. Value? With Toyota aiming to greater than double its visibility in the fiercely contested half-ton marketplace, the Tundra represents among one of the most highly anticipated new vehicle launches in many years-- car or vehicle. Value? The new Tundra supplies three different powertrains (one V-6 as well as two V-8s), with the 5.7-liter V-8 a modern marvel as well as torque monster-- and is amongst one of the most powerful engines in any half-ton setup. Toyota's platform has the whole section covered with three various bed sizes, 3 separate wheelbases covering five various taxicab and also bed arrangements, incorporated with 3 different trim packages (Tundra Grade, SR5, and Limited) in 4 × 4 and 4 × 2 drivetrains-- 44 various vehicle flavors to interested buyers, from job truck to luxury touring.

Offering that kind of selection right out of the gate goes over and ambitious; as a matter of fact, some could claim as well ambitious. The recent launch of the new Tundra has actually not been without a couple of missteps. Several months back, an early result of camshafts in the 5.7-liter V-8 were failing. Toyota informs us they traced down all the damaged parts to a certain set as well as have given that made the modifications to the design. No failures have emerged given that. More just recently, there have actually been some records of transmission shudder under specific low-speed conditions, which suppliers have actually traced to a torque converter concern. Toyota says these events were isolated as well as have actually likewise been fixed. As well as lastly, there's been chatter on the net concerning tailgate problems, which Toyota remains in the procedure of finding. Our assumption is many of these tales spread like wildfire, offered the lightning-rod impact this brand-new vehicle is having with lovers and also the speed with which a Web thing could travel. With all that stated, allow's take a further look at exactly what's unique regarding our 2008 victor.

As mentioned in the intro to this unique section, we ran our competitors with a collection of on- and off-road programs at a functioning Arizona proving-ground facility, subjecting all our test units to an extensive set of requirements. It remained in our work-duty testing that the Tundra first started to catch our focus, with the 5.7-liter V-8 Restricted CrewMax Tundra running miles ahead of the competition, with and also without a loaded trailer in tow (note our performance evaluation in the story and also the Tundra's winning Performance Score). The Tundra showed itself a star player in simple outfit (Dual Taxicab Tundra Grade, 4.7 L V-8; $27K), as well as in totally spruced up (CrewMax Limited, 5.7 L V-8; $47K). When dressed down, the front bench seating enables a column shifter as well as work-truck rush with a twin glovebox and surprise facility storage space compartment under the center seat. Our fully packed model had supple leather captain's chairs and a huge center console storage container, huge sufficient to hold a couple of laptop computers and function as a declaring cupboard. The CrewMax design, with its prolonged traveler cabin, provides a gliding back seat with drop-forward as well as slide-forward capacity.

Among the more important interior comforts, cabin quiet (while driving on harsh roads or at highway rates) is most likely the Tundra's a lot of excellent quality. If there's a quieter vehicle available, we have not driven it. Only two beefs with the inside: the facility pile's too much size and visual split (resembles it's cut in two) and the area of the navigation system virtually out of arm's grab the chauffeur.

Is it the perfect vehicle? That all depends upon exactly what you require, but by offering 44 different flavor selections, Toyota expects to have just what you're trying to find, packing durable vehicle capabilities right into a half-ton truck that's quiet and solid. After some debate, the majority of our judges concur: The most deserving rival for Motor Pattern's 2008 Truck of the Year title is the all-new Toyota Tundra.