2015 toyota Tundra Limited

2015 Toyota Tundra Limited: Huge and also strong, the 2015 Toyota Tundra TRD Pro is a remarkably large, civil full-size vehicle, let down by an uncompetitive interior and also disappointing fuel economic situation.

From the start, the Toyota Tundra has actually been something of a bit player in the full-size pickup truck market. It began as too small, too weak and as well minimal in dimension and range for typical American purchasers, yet has actually given that expanded in dimension and capabilities to the powerful beast you see today. No more second fiddle to its American-brand foes for taxi size or towing duties, the Tundra today is a fully competitive, similarly substantial pickup. For 2015, the brand uses an off-road variation called the TRD Pro that brings the very same all-terrain capability to the full-size truck as similar plans have actually brought for the Tacoma small pick-up and 4Runner SUV. Yet in transforming the huge truck from large towing gear to Baja-ready off-roader, has Toyota jeopardized its everyday respect? I spent a week with a molten-lava-orange Tundra TRD Pro to discover.

2015 Toyota Tundra Limited

Outside & Styling

It's hard making a full-size pick-up appearance distinctive. There's only a lot one can do with the three-box form, as well as many times the designer's ideal hope is to just not egregiously screw something up. Toyota's done an excellent job in keeping the Tundra traditional yet trendy, sharing a sense of power and heft without looking tasteless. LED headlight trim doesn't truly produce as unique a view on the Tundra as it does on the GMC Sierra, as an example, but the "TRD Pro" marked right into the back fenders is definitely unique. The grille is massive, as well as on other trim models can be found in acres of chrome. It's body-colored on the TRD Pro, as well as just what a color it is-- Snake pit orange, so intense as well as unmistakable that the only way the Tundra would be extra obvious was if it were in fact ablaze.

Exactly how It Drives

2 engines are offered for the Tundra: a 310-horsepower, 4.6-liter V-8 or a 385-hp, 5.7-liter V-8, both mated to a standard six-speed transmission. No V-6 is offered, turbocharged or otherwise, neither exists a diesel choice. My test vehicle was geared up with the larger engine, matched up to a TRD dual exhaust that appeared positively evil. The grumble as well as roar of the 5.7-liter included serious manly reputation to the orange truck, making it appear as similar to a Baja race truck as it looked. If you're looking for an elegant, calm pick-up experience, this right. It's a butch and also brutal assault on the eyes and ears, yet it definitely leaves you grinning.

The drive from the big V-8 is significant too. In spite of transporting around all that mass, the Tundra establishes lots of movement to accompany that noise, and the six-speed automatic is well-matched to it. In Spite Of the TRD Pro's off-road-ready shock and suspension tuning, the huge truck's trip and handling are superior. It's not uneven like other trucks. Also unladen, the softer tune absorbs road blemishes but preserves remarkable stability in nearly all driving problems, a characteristic we located to be true in the 4Runner TRD Pro too (yet most absolutely not in the old Tacoma TRD Pro, which is horrible on the street). The Tundra's trip and dealing with habits could be its most outstanding attributes.

The drawback of the Tundra's large, older powertrains comes at the pump-- my 4x4 examination truck with the huge V-8 is ranked at 13/17/15 mpg city/highway/combined, a number that marginally improves to 13/18/15 when you define the conventional 4x2 vehicle. Choose the smaller sized 4.6-liter engine as well as you'll web 14/18/16 mpg in 4x4 type, or 15/19/16 in 4x2 trim. This pales in comparison with the best of the residential rivals. A Chevrolet Silverado 4x4 with the also bigger 420-hp, 6.2-liter V-8 is ranked at 15/21/17 mpg, thanks partially to the typical eight-speed transmission. The a lot more reliable 4x2 V-6 Chevy rings in at 18/24/20 mpg, well north of one of the most effective Tundra.

The Ford F-150 matches the Chevy's 6.2-liter V-8 fuel economy with its 385-hp, 5.0-liter V-8, providing 15/21/17 mpg, however Ford likewise uses 2 turbocharged V-6 engines. They allegedly both provide V-8 power with far better gas economic climate. The Ram 1500 4x4 with its 5.7-liter Hemi V-8 is likewise ranked at 15/21/17 mpg, matching the big engines in the Ford as well as Chevy. But the fuel economic situation leader for the Ram lineup is a 4x2 with a light-duty turbocharged EcoDiesel V-6, which turns in a 20/28/23 mpg score, the very best in the number. As always, your mileage will vary, however the Toyota has a natural drawback from the beginning as a result of its obsolete powertrains.


It's one hell of a go up right into the cabin of the TRD Pro, made harder by the absence of a grab handle for the driver (running boards are optional, however then you shed the ground clearance you acquired by specifying the TRD Pro trim). Once in the greatly spacious cabin, you resolve into some large, level seats covered in black-and-orange fabric. The orange sewing rollovers to the dash as well as doors, as well as looks like a custom-made order to match the Snake pit orange exterior paint. However, it appears like a dress-up task on what is or else a second-rate interior, filled with cheap difficult plastic and also changes that look and feel economical.

In an era when the primary gamers in the class are placing good insides in their base version pickups as well as really great insides in the midlevel trims, the Tundra's indoor looks low-rent and also cost-cut. You most definitely won't feel cramped, however, with lots of area front as well as back for 5 full-sized adults. Exterior presence is outstanding, with a commanding seats position and also large windows all around. The rear home window showcases something no other pickup truck has: It's one uniform piece of powered glass, and it falls right into the taxi body like the door home windows. Drop all the windows as well as you have a distinct open-air experience in a pick-up, however beware-- the aerodynamics suggest that exhaust gas is moving in with that opening, which you'll smell quite clearly if you speed up vigorously.

Freight & Towing

The Tundra may not be the best-selling truck on the market, but it's obtained the freight and also pulling capacities to hang with the major players. Two wheelbases are available together with three taxi designs and three bed sizes, all implied to offer versatility in ordering. The regular taxi can be had with the long bed only, while the double taxi can be had with common or lengthy beds. The huge CrewMax four-door can just be had with a short bed offered its already copious size. My examination automobile, the TRD Pro with the 5.7-liter V-8, conventional bed as well as CrewMax cab, had a tow ranking of 9,800 extra pounds, which is additionally fully affordable with the remainder of the field. All the automakers offer many mixes for their pick-up schedules, nevertheless, that comparing them is tough. Suffice it to say, they can all mainly do the exact same things, and do them well.


The Tundra's crash examinations give it a four-star total score from the National Highway Web Traffic Safety And Security Management and a good score for nearly every test from the Insurance coverage Institute for Highway Safety And Security (from a feasible excellent, appropriate, marginal or inadequate). That brings it despite having the Ram 1500 in NHTSA's examination, yet listed below the Chevy Silverado and also Ford F-150, which both score five stars.

Where we start to see some distinctions in between the trucks is in technology, particularly with safety functions. Lots of car manufacturers are beginning to equip their pick-ups with the most recent safety features, with Ford blazing a trail, featuring readily available automated cruise control with accident discovery warning and also blind spot sensors (Toyota offers this as well, but on higher trim degrees). The Chevy signs up with the Ford in offering lane separation caution and also auto parking assist sensing units. Both the Toyota and the Ram have some catching up to carry out in this division.

Value in Its Course

Rates for the Tundra is as affordable as its tools, and while you'll locate more options currently in regards to plans and trim degrees compared to formerly used, it still does not have rather the very same level of develop combinations as the residential vehicles. It starts with the 4x2 double-cab short box for $29,705 (consisting of a location cost), showcasing the smaller V-8 engine and also very little else. You could alternative a Tundra as much as soaring elevations, ranging up with the SR, SR5, Limited, TRD Pro, 1794 Edition as well as Platinum trim degrees. It maxes out at the Platinum CrewMax 4x4 at simply less than $50,000, which honestly is still a few actions below where competitor vehicles max their deluxe trims out at. My examination lorry was a TRD Pro with the CrewMax taxicab and larger engine; together with an optional drop-in bedliner it concerned a practical total of $45,465.

The residential automakers all offer vehicles just like the Tundra TRD Pro, yet none with a committed midlevel desert-runner spin like the TRD Pro. You can obtain a Z71 off-road package for the Chevy or specify your Ram to be the brand-new Rebel version, however the TRD Pro trim is extra off-road racer than just off-road capable. It's not as extreme a Baja-racer vehicle as a Ford Raptor, however then absolutely nothing else is. Every one of the Detroit trucks use big engines that outgun the Tundra in horse power, nevertheless, in spite of tow ratings that are similar.