Snickers Coffee Drink

Espresso Device (Espresso is much stronger and more focused than black coffee. Likewise, make certain that your device has a steaming wand so that if you remain in them the state of mind of hot coffee, you can make it!). Snickers Coffee Drink

Milk (Whether it's 2%, Skim Milk, Half n Half or Soy, the kind of milk you utilize is as much as your palate and dietary constraints).

Chocolate, Caramel, and Hazelnut Syrup (As shown in the image listed below, I used syrup from the brand name of 1883, however, whatever brand name you use depends on you.).

Snickers Coffee Drink.

1. Prepare all your active ingredients. When making a 16 oz. Snickers, put two pumps of Chocolate, two pumps of Caramel and one pump of Hazelnut into an empty mug or to-go cup.

2. Steam your milk till it reaches a temperature level of a minimum of 150 degrees.

3. Pull the espresso shots. Make certain to put the newly brewed espresso shots into the mug within 5 seconds after the espresso completes developing. (If you let the espresso shots brew for too long, they will burn, and their taste will end up being bitter.).

4. As soon as you have filled your mug with syrup and espresso, include the steamed milk.

5. Stir the mix, up until the sugar in the bottom of the cup has blended with the milk at the top. Snickers Coffee Drink.

6. Now it's time to include the last touches! Garnish the top of your beverage with whipped cream, caramel or chocolate drizzle, sprays or whatever you choose!


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