How to Make a Homemade Coffee Filter

If you are ever discovering yourself in the requirement of coffee and you do not have a coffee filter, How to Make a Homemade Coffee Filter, then this pointer is for you! We just recently took a trip to Orlando and remained in a beautiful villa. My hubby awakened and recognized there were NO coffee filters. We had coffee, however, no filters. Rather of going out for expensive coffee or acquiring filters for a coffee machine that we do not have at the house we got innovative and made our coffee filters from paper towels.

How to Make a Homemade Coffee Filter.

How to Make a Homemade Coffee Filter


1. Step One: Take a complete sized paper towel and lay flat

2. Step 2: Fold the paper towel in half (vertically).

3. Step 3: Fold the paper towel in half once again (now in a square).

4. Step 4: Take the folded paper towel and develop a "pocket" for your coffee grinds and location into the coffee pot (where the filter would go).
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5. Step 5: Include your coffee grinds.

6. Step 6: Fold the edges under so that the coffee pot cover closes.

7. Step 7: Include water and switch on.

8: Step 8: Enjoy your coffee.

It is that easy! Hard to think that you can quickly make a coffee filter with a paper towel when you remain in a bind! This is an excellent idea to remember when you are taking a trip on a voyage like we were or you awaken and discover yourself without a coffee filter.


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