Decaf Coffee Syrup

All of it starts with our fresh roasted coffee. Decaf Coffee Syrup, We have picked an excellent Brazilian bean and roasted it mainly to be utilized in our coffee syrup. It's nutty, sweet, smooth and roasted with its natural smokey goodness. The completed roast then rests for two days.

Decaf Coffee Syru.

Decaf Coffee Syrup

After resting the coffee is ground and cold brewed for 18 hours in our customized stainless-steel kettle.
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Lastly, the cold brewed coffee is drained pipes and integrated with pure walking stick sugar. The mix of coffee and sugar is given a boil and simmers for over an hour. Throughout this time the syrup lowers, and the sugar starts to caramelize. When the syrup reaches the ideal consistency, it is hot bottled into our signature amber glass bottles. The brown glass secures the sweet taste of our coffee syrup from the environment.

There's lots of love that enters into each bottle of Dave's Coffee Syrup. And, from the roasted coffee to the bottled syrup, we do it all right here in Rhode Island. For a traditional coffee milk, mix three generous tablespoons of Dave's Coffee Syrup into a glass of cold milk and delight in.


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