How to Make Iced Coffee Fast

Being a Southern California woman, iced coffee is my preferred method to obtain caffeine. No matter the season, I discover cold beverages so revitalizing, and believe there's absolutely nothing much better than a cold, black iced coffee! The issue with homemade iced coffee is that typically, you have to have it sit over night in the fridge to make iced coffee.

How to Make Iced Coffee Fast.

Which indicates it's difficult to have iced coffee in the house on an impulse, as well as more frustrating in the early morning if you recognize you have forgotten to brew your coffee overnight.

With my technique, nevertheless, I can inform you the best ways to make iced coffee quickly, in merely 15 minutes!

What You Will Require.

How to Make Iced Coffee Fast

  • Stainless-steel French Press.
  • 3 1/2 cups of warm water.
  • 9 French Press (or espresso) scoops of coarsely ground coffee.
  • Ice.

How to Make Iced Coffee Fast, You will require a 4-cup stainless-steel French Press. I utilized El Gato Malo French Press, my individual preferred! The plug lowers so efficiently, supplying a delicious, smooth taste for your coffee.

It likewise never rusts, and I enjoy the smooth, retro appearance of journalism-- it looks charming and trendy in my kitchen area! You can discover the El Gato Malo French Press here, as well as get 15% off with code ThHlyMse:
How to Make Iced Coffee Fast
Click on this link to buy the 4-cup El Gato Malo French Press.

The factor you will require a stainless-steel French press is that the steel press when put in the freezer, gets cold extremely quick (it likewise works oppositely, if you put warm water in the media and do not put in the refrigerator, it keeps your hot coffee longer). Also, if you put a glass press in the freezer, it will more than likely fracture!

You will also require coarsely ground coffee, to obtain a more robust taste. Likewise, carefully ground coffee beans can often go right through the filter, leading to coffee with premises drifting in it. If you go to your local cafe, request course facilities or for your coffee to be ground for French press.
See it here:

How to Make Iced Coffee Fast.

How to Make Iced Coffee Fast
1. Warm up 3 1/2 cups of water till boiling (or 4 minutes in the microwave).

2. Put your water in the French press, together with 9 French press scoops of your coffee premises, stir well.

3. Put your French press in the freezer for 10 minutes.

4. Gradually lower the cover of your French press, and put your coffee in a cup over ice.
How to Make Iced Coffee Fast
I am so happy I have found a high quality, stainless-steel French press like El Gato Malo so that I can take pleasure in iced coffee without the overnight wait!

And remember, you can utilize code ThHlyMse at to obtain 15% off your order of the El Gato Malo stainless-steel French press!


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